Weekly Real Estate Update

Weekly Real Estate Update – August 14th

Weekly Real Estate UpdateOverall, during the week of August 14th, there were 233 real estate transactions in Collier County, up from 199 last week.  Once again, North Naples real estate sales continue to lead the way with the most transactions.  East Naples showed the second highest activity.  Ultimately, North Naples ended the week with 60 properties sold up from 43 during the previous week. And, East Naples ended with 43 homes sold up from 32 sales the prior week.

Additionally, of the 60 properties sold in North Naples, 33 percent of them were condos and 48 percent of them were single family homes.  So, the remaining properties sold in North Naples were vacant lots. Also, in the East Naples area, there were 43 transactions, 53 percent of which were condos. And, 37 percent of the East Naples properties sold were single family homes.  Similar to North Naples, the remaining properties sold were vacant lots.

In summary, your weekly real estate update for August 14th through August 20th shows 87 condos, 93 single family homes, 50 vacant lots and 3 mobile homes sold in the Naples area.

Weekly Real Estate Update (August 14th-20th) Naples Home Sales by zip code

City of Naples

  • 34102 – 15 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 8 single family homes and 5 condos)

Naples Florida

  • 34103 – 6 properties sold (4 single family homes and 2 condos)
  • 34105 – 8 properties sold (2 single family homes and 6 condos)

North Naples

  • 34109 – 19 properties sold (4 vacant lots, 10 single family homes and 5 condos)
  • 34110 – 19 properties sold ( 2 vacant lots, 8 single family homes and 9 condos)
  • 34119 – 22 properties sold (5 vacant lots, 11 single family homes and 6 condos)

East Naples

  • 34104 – 9 properties sold (3 single family homes and 6 condos)
  • 34112 – 11 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 5 single family homes and 5 condos)
  • 34113 – 23 properties sold (3 vacant lots, 8 single family homes and 12 condos)

Eastern Collier County

  • 34114 – 22 properties sold (3 mobiles homes, 12 vacant lots, 1 single family home and 6 condos)

Golden Gate

  • 34116 – 9 properties sold (8 single family homes and 1 condo)

Barefoot Beach

  • 34134 – 1 property sold (1 condo)

Big Cypress

  • 34117 – 9 properties sold (3 vacant lots and 6 single family homes)

Coco River

  • 34108 – 10 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 3 single family homes and 6 condos)


  • 34120 –  21 properties sold (11 vacant lots, 8 single family homes and 2 condos)


  • 34140 – 1 property sold (1 single family home)

Immokalee and Ave Maria

  • Marco Island34142 – 10 properties sold (8 vacant lots and 2 single family homes)

Marco Island

  • 34145 – 18 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 8 single family homes and 9 condos)


Weekly Real Estate Update – Sales for Aug. 14th to 20th

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