Buying real estate

Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate

Are you Buying real estate in Naples, Bonita Springs or Estero? What do you already know?  What don’t you know?  What should you know?  Buying real estate is somewhat complex.  Buying in an unfamiliar market presents even more challenges and from the outside looking in may seem like a daunting task.  Rome was built one brick at a time and just like any other monumental effort it all comes down to approach.  Well rounded and common sense are the first half of my approach, the second half is information.  We are all capable of making good decisions one after the next, but you only have one chance to make the best decision.  My approach will enable you to do exactly that.

What is it you’re most interested in?  Relocating and raising your family, winter escape, investment property?  All require slightly different strategies, but the approach is the same.  Once our property type has been identified, our Naples FL Real Estate journey begins.  I like to use the word journey because your initial goals may not be your final goals.  It is only through the path of discovery will you truly know.

Being a Naples FL real estate owner for nearly two decades, I’m intimately familiar with our community.  My wife and I have lived the who, what and why for nearly 20 years, but why is that relevant?  The relevance comes in the form of information you can’t obtain from a computer, spread sheets or CMA’s.  The list of comparisons are slightly beyond the scope of this text, but suffice it to say no two parts of Collier County are the same.  So how do you complete a real estate purchase that’s essentially an extension of yourself?  You may have more luck describing to someone why you like your favorite color.  This is where I think you’ll find my experience and knowledge invaluable.  I’ll assist you in getting to know the true Naples.

Information, I’ve been repeating myself so let’s get to it.  In my experience the best information is the latest information.  I have tools at my disposal that will keep you up to date with the latest developments in Naples real estate.  New listings, closed sales, pending sales, its all there at your fingertips in real time, not a day or week later, real time.  Its fully automated, runs 24/7/365, no cost, no obligation and best of all, no catch.  I’ll be able to deliver accurate, consistent and reliable information to you as it happens.  Its virtually impossible to miss a potential opportunity utilizing this service.  When they present themselves, give me a quick call to make arrangements to see them.  Or I can investigate further even if you’re unavailable.

When you do make plans to visit Naples, please let me know so I can help make the best of your time.  For some reason “vacation time” always seems to be the shortest time, so let’s get ahead and stay ahead of it.  I find having your arrangements taken care of before the plane takes off is the most effective way to accomplish your goals for any visit.  A little pre-planning will ensure the “real estate trip” is work AND play.

What’s in the bundle? 

Market Knowledge:  I eat, sleep and breath Naples real estate every day and have been doing so for almost 20 years.  Market analysis is relatively easy, but where do you find true value?  Trick question, “value” has several meanings, but I’ll keep this narrowed to only two interpretations for now.  How is the property valuable in real estate terms and how is it valuable to you?  I’ve worked with many many clients over the years and I’ve yet to see two of the same.  YOUR values are unique to you and you only, its my job to convey how valuable a property is to YOU and I do this through experience, knowledge and data.  Considering the different ways a property can be valuable, only you know which combination makes for that best decision.

Communication:  Nothing can be accomplished without it.  Obtaining information is always better immediately as compared to later.  From showing to closing, I’ll keep you completely and consistently updated, there will be no surprises.

Negotiation:  I pride myself on my negotiation skills.  Negotiation has been, is now and always will be about the people involved.  Given my education and background I believe I have an advantage here.  While in negotiations we’ll discuss various approaches, responses, strategies, dare I say tactics and assess risk.  We will have all available information available and agree as a team before each interaction with the other party.  I’ll go to the ends of the earth to seek out the best price and terms for your deal, nothing is more important at this stage.

Everything in one box:  As I mentioned earlier, buying real estate in Naples FL isn’t the simplest of tasks, it takes a team to get the job done and why not have the best team available?  I’ve cultivated my relationships with every participant you’ll need to accomplish your goal and more than 15 years in the making, I have an impressive team.  Inspectors, Lenders, Title Services, Real Estate Attorneys, Appraisers, Surveyors and Contractors all accounted for.  These are people I’ve worked with for years, trust immensely, are the utmost professionals and all of which have been party to my own personal transactions, only the very best will do.

The running joke is I’ve been in the real estate business for many years now and have yet to sell a property.  In the truest sense I don’t “sell” anything, I assist in providing all levels of information to people so they can make that best decision.  Although my official title is realtor, I actually view my role as being a consultant more than anything.  As a team we define the goal, we seek out the information, we investigate opportunities, we assess value, we make a decision and work to that end, that is operating as a consultant in my opinion.

Why are we here?  When it comes down to it, most of the people I work with are searching for quality of life.  Our community offers this in magnificent style if I may say so and from gulf to golf, there’s a little bit for everyone in Naples FL.  Regardless of detail, I truly believe you deserve to have what you want, I’d love the opportunity to be part of your team in finding exactly that!

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