Weekly June Home Sales Recap

Naples June Weekly Home Sales Recap

Naples June Weekly Home Sales in golf communitiesAccording to the latest reports, the Naples weekly June home sales recap for the week of the 28th shows there were 465 Homes Sold. The highest priced property sold for $13,500,000 in Port Royal.

North Naples moved up to the top slot with 115 home sales. Of the 115 property sales, 7 percent were vacant lots, 29 percent were single family homes and 64 percent were condos.

East Naples slid into the second position for the week with 96 transactions. Home sales consisted of  6 percent vacant lots, 29 percent single family homes and 64 percent were condos. The remaining property sold was a mobile home.

Finally, the City of Naples ended the week with 80 home sales for the last week of the month. Naples homes sales were made up of 7 percent vacant lots, 29 percent single family homes and 64 percent condos.

In summary, the Naples June weekly home sales review for the week of the 28th showed Naples homes sold were broken down as follows: 183 condos, 188 single family homes, 88 vacant lots and 6 mobile homes.

Naples Luxury Home Sales

Naples June Weekly Home SalesSeventy-six luxury homes sold during the week. Luxury home prices ranged from $1,000,000 to $13,088,000.

  • $1,000,000 – $1,999,999 price range – 41 homes sold
  • $2,000,000 – $2,999,999 price range – 18 homes sold
  • $3,000,000 – $4,999,999 price range – 9 homes sold
  • $5,999,000 – $9,999,999 price range – 7 homes sold
  • 10,000,000 plus – 1 home sold

Weekly June Home Sales Recap – Organized by zip code:

Naples Florida Beach with BoatCity of Naples

  • 34102 – 19 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 9 single family homes and 9 condos)
  • 34103 – 26 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 7 single family homes and 17 condos)
  • 34105 – 35 properties sold (3 vacant lots, 7 single family homes and 25 condos)

North Naples

  • 34109 – 26 sold properties (1 vacant lot, 17 single family homes and 8 condos)
  • 34110 – 41 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 11 single family homes and 29 condos)
  • Private Golf34119 – 48 properties sold (7 vacant lots, 30 single family homes and 11 condos)

East Naples

  • 34104 – 30 properties sold (1 mobile home, 12 single family homes and 17 condos)
  • 34112 – 34 properties sold (4 vacant lots, 2 single family homes and 28 condos)
  • 34113 – 32 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 14 single family homes and 16 condos)

Ave Maria and Immokalee

  • 34142 – 17 properties sold (10 vacant lots and 7 single family homes)

Naples November Home Sales in Barefoot BeachBarefoot Beach

  • 34134 – 4 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 1 single family home and 2 condos)

Big Cypress

  • 34117 – 25 properties sold (14 vacant lots and 11 single family homes)

weekly June home sales review for Naples golf homesCoco River

  • 34108 – 34 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 13 single family homes and 19 condos)


  • 34120 – 77 properties sold (1 mobile home, 36 vacant lots, 33 single family homes and 7 condos)

Eastern Collier County

  • 34114 – 49 properties sold (4 mobile homes, 14 vacant lots, 19 single family homes and 12 condos)
  • 34116 – 14 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 9 single family homes and 3 condos)

Everglades City

  • 34139 – 1 property sold (1 condo)

marco Island homes for sale

Marco Island

  • 34145 – 39 properties sold (3 vacant lots, 13 single family homes and 23 condos)

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