Weekly August Home Sales

Southwest Florida Weekly August Home Sales Recap

July Home Sales RecapThe latest Southwest Florida Weekly August Home Sales recap for Bonita Springs, Estero and Southern Fort Myers showed there were 260 properties sold during the first week of the month.

Southern Fort Myers remained in the number one position with 112 real estate transactions down from 147 during the prior week. Sales were as follows: 4 percent were commercial units. 21 percent vacant lots, 22 percent were condos and 51 percent were single family homes. The remaining Fort Myers properties sold were a multi-family unit and a mobile home.

Estero moved up to the second position with 74 property sales which was more than the last week of July when there were 59 Estero properties sold. Home sales were split between multiple property types. Of the 74 home sales, 15 percent were vacant lots, 28 percent were condos and 54 percent were single family homes. The other properties sold were mobile homes.

Finally, Bonita Springs fell to the third position with 73 transactions compared to 95 property sales in the previous week. Of the 73 sales, 5 percent were mobile homes, 14 percent were vacant lots, 30 percent were condos and 49 percent were single family homes. The other property sale was a commercial unit.

In review, based on the real estate transactions report for the week, property sales were broken down by the following types in Southwest Florida: 69 condos, 133 single family homes, 45 vacant lots, 5 commercial units, 7 mobile homes, and 1 multi-family unit.

Weekly August Home Sales – Organized by Zip Code

bonita golf communitiesBonita Springs

  • 34134 – 19 properties sold (1 vacant lot, 1 commercial unit, 8 single family homes and 9 condos)
  • 34135 – 54 properties sold (4 mobile homes, 9 vacant lots, 28 single family homes and 13 condos)

Southern Fort Myers

  • 33912 – 24 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 2 commercial units, 11 single family homes and 9 condos)
  • 33913 – 63 properties sold (2 commercial units, 19 vacant lots, 27 single family homes and 15 condos)
  • Bonita Springs and Estero Real Estate33967 – 25 properties sold (1 multi-family unit, 1 mobile home, 3 vacant lots, 19 single family homes and 1 condo)


  • 33928 – 59 properties sold (2 mobile homes, 11 vacant lots, 31 single family homes and 15 condos)
  • 33967 – 4 properties sold (3 single family homes and 1 condo)
  • 34134 – 3 properties sold (1 single family home and 2 condos)
  • 34135 – 8 properties sold (5 single family homes and 3 condos)

Weekly August Home Sales for Bonita SpringsMiromar Lakes

  • 33913 – 1 property sold (1 condo)

Southwest Florida Sales Reports:

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