USGA Announces Proposed Changes to the Rules of Golf

USGA Announces Proposed Changes to the Rules of Golf for 2019

Rules of GolfUSGA Executive Director and CEO, Mike Davis, announced pretty significant and progressive changes to the Rules of Golf.  Most noteworthy, there are 5 key changes the rules committee is exploring for 2019.  In my opinion, and the opinion of many PGA Professional, these changes are long over due.

Proposed Key Rules of Golf Changes

  • How to Drop a Ball – You will be able to drop a ball from any distance above the ground. However, it must not touch anything and must fall through the air.
  • Time for Ball Search – The maximum allotted time to search for a ball would be 3 minutes instead of the current 5 minutes.
  • Repairing Spike Marks – It will be OK to repair spike marks and any other damage. Therefore, damage done by shoes, from a club, and almost all other damage on the putting green may be fixed.
  • Leaving The Flagstick in the Hole – There will be no penalty if you make a stroke from the putting green and your ball hits the flagstick in the hole.
  • Relaxed Rules in Penalty Areas – You will be allowed to ground your club and move loose impediments in a penalty area.

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Bottom Line:

As a result, these new changes will help speed up the game of golf and make it more enjoyable.

More Golf Information:

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