Jackson Family – True Professional

true professionalIt had been a while since we bought or sold a house and we wanted to be sure we were working with a true professional.

What seemed complicated and highly detailed at first, ultimately turned out to be effortless thanks to Matt walking us through the process step by step. Matt’s explanation of what to expect beforehand and his “team” approach removed much of our stress.

After a thorough review of the market conditions we decided on a list price. We all agreed what we were asking and wanted was high, but Matt laid out a marketing strategy we thought would get the job done.

To our surprise Matt had our home under contract in less than 10 days. His plan not only accomplished the main goal of selling our home, but at a higher than expected price in much less time than we thought it would take. Matt is truly a professional who responded quickly to our questions and concerns. Going forward, Matt is really the only agent we’d consider working with and we highly recommend him.