Top 10 Golfing Laws

August 11, 2015 Posted by Matt

Top 10 golfing lawsThere are a number of laws all golfers must abide by, otherwise you are likely to anger the golf gods.  The Top 10 Golfing laws all golfers must abide by are listed below.  In the event you do not follow these guidelines, your penalty will be an increase in your handicap!

Top 10 Golfing Laws

  1. Brand new balls have a natural attraction to water.  The more expensive the golf ball, the greater the attraction.

  2. Your best round of golf will soon be followed by your worst round ever.  The probability of the latter increases exponentially as the number of people you tell about the former increases.

  3.   Always go for it!  Playing it safe will only result in the same trouble less the dramatic flair.

  4.   No matter how bad your last shot was, we have a much greater potential to do worse.

  5.   Golf and roller coasters, they’re the same!  Cost: greens fees and park admission are not cheap.  Effort: we go to great lengths to do both.  Aggravation: golf, no explanation needed, fun park, what’s “fun” about the lines, screaming kids, sticky shoes and 100 degree heat?  What we remember:  our drive on 17 and the top of the roller coaster, both of which make us come back as soon as humanly possible.

  6.   Trees are 90% air, yeah right…

  7.   The weather isn’t controlled by high pressure systems, temperature inversions or fronts, its controlled by whether you forgot your umbrella or not.

  8.   When confronted with a golf cart that has the battery light on knowing full well it will strand you at the furthest point from the cart barn, what do we do?  Head to the first tee of course thinking “it won’t happen THIS time…”

  9.   Of the infinite immeasurable variables in golf, only one remains constant.  There is only one guaranteed method of making par, thinking you’re going to miss your 3 foot birdie putt.

  10. What happens on the golf course most certainly DOES NOT stay on the golf course, your foursome will consistently remind you of your headliner blunders at the 19th hole.