Southwest FL May Home Sales

Southwest FL May Home Sales Review

Southwest FL May Home SalesThe latest Southwest FL May Home Sales review for Bonita Springs, Estero and Southern Fort Myers for the week of the May 1st showed there were 354 properties sold.

Southern Fort Myers remained in the first position with 129 real estate transactions. Sales were as follows: 11 percent commercial units, 31 percent vacant lots, 14 percent were condos and 42 percent were single family homes. The remaining Fort Myers properties sold were multi-family units and mobile homes.

Bonita Springs moved into the second position with 117 real estate transactions. Of the 117 real estate sales, 5 percent mobile homes, 16 percent were vacant lots, 44 percent were condos and 36 percent were single family homes. The other property sales were a a multi-family unit and a coop.

Finally, Estero slid into the third spot with 103 property sales. Home sales were split between multiple property types. Of the 103 home sales, 5 percent were mobile homes, 22 percent were vacant lots, 35 percent were condos and 36 percent were single family homes. The rest of the transactions were an agricultural lot and commercial units.

In review, based on the real estate transactions report for the week of May 1st, property sales were broken down by the following types in Southwest Florida: 108 condos, 129 single family homes, 82 vacant lots, 15 commercial units, 12 mobile homes, 6 multi-family units, 1 coop and 1 agricultural lot.

Southwest FL May Home Sales by zip code

bonita golf communitiesBonita Springs

  • 34134 – 40 properties sold (1 coop, 3 multi-family units, 3 vacant lots, 4 mobile homes, 13 single family homes and 16 condos)
  • 34135 – 77 properties sold (1 multi-family home, 2 mobile homes, 16 vacant lots, 23 single family homes and 35 condos)

Southern Fort Myers

  • 33912 – 36 properties sold (13 commercial units, 11 single family homes and 12 condos)
  • 33913 – 74 properties sold (1 commercial unit, 1 multi-family unit, 37 vacant lots, 29 single family homes and 6 condos)
  • Bonita Springs and Estero Real Estate33967 – 19 properties sold (1 multi-family unit, 1 mobile home, 3 vacant lots and 14 single family homes)


  • 33928 – 77 properties sold (1 agricultural lot, 1 commercial unit, 5 mobile homes, 23 vacant lots, 27 single family homes and 20 condos)
  • 33967 – 5 properties sold (3 single family homes and 2 condos)
  • 34134 – 5 properties sold (3 single family homes and 2 condos)
  • 34135 – 16 properties sold (4 single family homes and 12 condos)

Miromar LakesSouthwest FL May Home Sales in Miromar Lakes

  • 33913 – 5 properties sold (2 single family homes and 3 condos)

Southwest Florida Sales Reports:

Lee County Real Estate Transactions Week of May 1st 2021

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