Punch It Out – Golf Tip

Punch it OutWhen you get into trouble, punch it out.  One of the hardest shots in golf is to hit a recovery shot to get the ball back in play. Especially when you may have to hit the ball sideways or backwards.  Let’s face it, it stinks! Your goal should be to get the ball back in play as fast as possible.

For example, let’s say you end up in the trees.  To head towards safe ground, you want to punch it out low to stay under all the branches.  Make sure you lower your front shoulder and play the ball back in your stance.  Next step is to hit down on the ball and hold your finish low to the ground.  And most importantly, keep your head still at impact.

Finally, pick a specific target on the fairway.  Just hitting the ball without a target identified may result in more trouble instead of getting you out of trouble!

September 12, 2016 Posted by Matt