Money Shot

April 3, 2015 Posted by Matt

money shotLearn how to play this money shot.  Great players rely on a low, spinning wedge shot that hits the green and stops quickly near the hole.  This shot puts a big emphasis on accuracy and distance control.  Play the ball back in your stance with your pitching wedge.  Make a three-quarter backswing where your hands go only as high as your rib cage and the club points straight up in the air.  Keeping your weight on your left side, drive down on the ball and keep your hands firm by not letting them roll over at impact.  Hold your finish about waist high.  The ball will rise up on a low trajectory, hit, and spin to a stop.  You can control the distance by the force of your swing.  Remember, you are going for accuracy and distance control when you practice and not trying to hit the ball as far as possible.