Good Pitch Shot

April 17, 2015golf ball clip art 3 Posted by Matt

Learn the motion of a good pitch shot or chip shot – Many players hit poor pitch and chip shots simply because they lack a feel for the shot.  The pitch and chip shots are actually a way of tossing the ball to a spot on the green.  Stand about 25 yards from a practice green and simply toss the ball into the air so that it lands on the green.  Notice that your right hand does not flip at the wrist and that your right arm makes a smooth, continuous motion instead of a short, jerky one to get the ball to the green.  Move up to a few yards from the green and toss a ball so that it lands a yard onto the green and rolls to a hole.  Again, you will notice no flipping action and no stopping of the motion.  You now know what the feel of a good pitch and chip shot feels like.  Pick up your clubs and replicate the feeling as you practice. View more Golf Tips.