Golf Tip – Weight Shift

December 24, 2015 Posted by Matt

weight shiftWhere should my weight be in a good golf swing?  Good players have their weight on their front sides and have a smooth weight shift as they come into contact with the ball.  By having your weight on your front foot, the club will remain on plain you you will have greater swing speed as you hit the ball.  If you feel like you are hanging on your back foot, you can try this drill to learn how a proper weight shift feels.  During practice, place your feet together and place the ball opposite your front foot.  Reach back to the top of your swing, take a step toward the target with your front foot, and then swing down and through the ball.  Start slowly until you get your timing down.  Then go back to your normal stance and hit more golf balls.  You should notice you are making a better weight shift and better contact with the ball.