Golf Tip – Unplayable Lie

September 26, 2015 Posted by Matt

unplayable lieDid you know you can take an unplayable lie in a bunker?  If you hit a shot that buries into the sand of a bunker so that it is impossible to play, you may declare the ball unplayable.  You may drop the ball two club lengths from where the ball was plugged or you may drop it back, keeping the place where the ball plugged and the hole in line.  Here’s the downside.  Both drops must be made in the bunker.  Usually, when you drop a ball in a bunker it will bury and will give you a tough lie.  You do have one more option.  You can go back to the spot where you your original shot was prior to going into the bunker and replay the ball.  You will likely have much better lie.  As a reminder, regardless of which option you chose, any time you take an unplayable lie there is a one shot penalty.