Golf Tip – Toe Down

October 25, 2015 Posted by Matt

toe downIf your ball comes to rest in a bad lie near the green, do not reach for your putter.  If the ball is in a depression or on hardpan, you should use an eight or nine iron for the shot.  Stand close to the ball, and set the club so with the toe down.  The heel of the club will be slightly off the ground.  Use a putting stroke and strike the ball with the toe of the iron.  The ball will pop out and roll nicely along the green.  If you try to use your putter, you will tend to blade or top the ball and not make good contact.  This shot also works with longer irons such as a 7 iron or 6 iron.  The more green you have between the ball and the hole, the longer the club you should use.  Practice this shot before trying it on the course, and you will have learned a great option for tricky lies.