Golf Tip – Strong Grip

July 30, 2015 Posted by Matt

DocWhat are the two most common improvements amateur golfers are looking for? More distance and no slicing. A strong grip may help you achieve both. Your right thumb should be at 2 o’clock on the shaft at address according to Dr. Jim Suttie (Doc), one of the top 100 PGA Teaching Professionals in the country.  According to Doc, a strong left-hand grip eliminates the need to rotate the forearms as much on the backswing.  It also keeps the club face shut so it is much easier to hook the ball instead of slicing the ball.  The strong grip increases the shoulder turn as well.

Doc spends half his year in Illinois and half at Twin Eagles in Naples Florida.  He is currently ranked the 18th best teacher in the U.S. by Golf Digest.  My wife says she owes Doc her college education.  Thanks in large part to the lessons she’s taken over the years, she earned a golf scholarship to Northwestern University.