Golf Tip – Stop Sliding

October 13, 2015 Posted by Matt

slidingSliding is a common problem for higher handicappers.  The average PGA Tour pro will only move his head about an inch from side to side during a golf swing.  Higher handicappers, on the other hand, will move their heads back and forward quite dramatically, because they feel it generates power.  Actually, just the opposite is true.  A slide back on the backswing and then forward on the through swing creates the effect of hitting a moving target as your club approaches the ball.  This is often the cause of poorly hit golf sots.  Get in the habit of swinging around your spine as if it were the hub of a wheel.  This will keep you centered over the ball, and you will make solid contact more often.

To stop sliding, try this drill.  Put a ball under the outside of your back foot and hit balls on the range.  You will find you will not be able to keep your balance and complete a swing if you slide.