Golf Tip – Shanked Shot

October 11, 2015 Posted by Matt

shanked shotWhat do you do when a shanked shot appears?  I’m sure Ian Poulter was asking himself the same question when he shanked a shot in the President’s Cup this weekend.  All players at some time or other have hit the dreaded shank.  A shank is when the hosel or inside of the clubface strikes the ball, sending it directly to the right and usually into trouble.  A common cause of a shanked shot is when your body moves forward as you start your downswing.  When your upper body moves forward, your hands and arms get stuck behind you and well to the inside.  As you come into impact from the inside, your hosel will strike the ball first.  To prevent the shank, keep a good posture, and swing by turning your shoulders around your head so there is no lateral movement.