Golf Tip – See the Line

see the lineHow well do you see the line of your putts?  Often players will set up to their putt and aim left or right of the hole.  You think you are lined up properly, however, if you are consistently missing putts to one side of the hole there is a very good chance you are lined up incorrectly.  A good way to determine if you are lined up properly is to go to the practice green and close one eye and check your line to the hole.  Then close the other eye and check it again.  You will find that one eye will look at the hole more accurately than the other eye.  Which ever one looks more accurate is your dominant eye.

Favor the dominant eye when you head to the course.  If you watch the PGA Pros, you will notice many great putters have their heads tilted to one side or the other.  Try the same method to see the line of your putt and you should start to sink more putts!

July 31, 2016 Posted by Matt