Golf Tip – Sand Shot

May 6, 2016 Posted by Matt

Sand ShotHow do you adjust your distance on your sand shot in a greenside bunker?  Try adjusting the amount of sand you take to vary your distance.  During practice, hit well behind the ball and gradually move closer to the ball so you are taking less sand.  Be sure to keep the same swing and tempo with each shot.  You will notice the ball will travel different distances based on the amount of sand you take.  The more sand you take, the shorter the ball will travel.  The less sand you take, the farther the ball will travel.  Most important….practice, practice, practice!  Once you get the hang of altering the amount of sand you take on a sand shot you’ll realize it’s an easy shot.  You may even get to a point where you’d rather be in the bunker than in the rough when you miss the green!