Golf Tip – Practice Swing

October 4, 2015 Posted by Matt

practice swingDo you ever ask yourself why your practice swing is perfect, but then when you go to hit the ball you go right back to your old golf swing?  When you take a practice swing you are focused on swinging towards the target and finishing your swing instead of focusing on the golf ball.

When you are trying to change your swing, you are even more likely to focus on the ball instead of your finish.  Most golfers tend to hit “at” the ball instead of making a good swing and the ball gets in the way of the golf club.  Amateurs often hit and stop their swing instead of finishing their swing which usually makes the outcome of the shot even worse.  You need to focus more on the target and your swing thought should be “finish my swing”.  Try to hold your finish for two seconds.

According to one of the top PGA Teaching professionals, Dr. Jim Suttie, a couple of drills you can do include:

  1. Full swings at one half and one quarter speed
  2. Starting at the finish of your swing and then making a full swing from there
  3. Have your teacher pull the ball away on your downswing.