Golf Tip – Pitch Shots

November 12, 2015 Posted by Matt

pitch shotsLearn to pitch the ball close to the pin like the pros.  Pitch shots should fly in the air, take a few hops, and then roll to the pin.  When you watch the professionals on TV, they make it look easy.  Many amateurs have difficulty with the pitch shot, because they take a long backswing, then slow down as they come into impact, and use their hands to get the ball into the air.  This usually results in flubbed shots.  Swing the club back to about waist high, and hinge your wrists, so the club points upward.  Swing down and keep your hands passive, so they do not roll over or try to help the ball into the air.  Your wedge has enough loft to do the job for you.  Play the ball in the middle of your stance, and let your lower body make a little pivot as you swing through your pitch shots.