Golf Tip – Long Drives

December 5, 2015 Posted by Matt

Long DrivesFor powerful and long drives, think soft.  When golfers want to really smack a long drive, most will grip the club tightly and then swing as hard as possible on the downswing.  The opposite approach is actually the way power is created.  Take a deep breath and relax your body and mind.  Set up to the ball and keep your grip light on the handle.  Your forearm muscles should be soft and not tense.  Relax your shoulders and swing back, making a smooth takeaway that is not rushed in any way.  Keeping your hands and arms soft, let your shoulders turn around your spine, so that you whip your arms and hands through impact.  You will create a great deal of centrifugal force from letting the club swing freely and fast, as a result of using your big muscles and ultimately hitting long drives!