Golf Tip – I can’t chip

November 13, 2015 Posted by Matt

chipIf you simply can’t chip the ball at all, here is a fix.  Some golfers feel no matter what they do they just cannot chip the ball.  They give up and always putt from wherever they are off of the green.  If you are one of those players, here’s a simple chipping method.  Set up to the ball in the middle of your stance.  Point your elbows out in both directions back and front.  Make a motion of rocking your upper body while holding your elbows in place.  It will feel similar to a putting stoke but the club will move back and through like a chipping stroke.  Do not try to manipulate the stroke, as the loft of the club will get the ball into the air.  Just feel as if you are putting and let the club do the work.