Golf Tip – Good Drives

April 8, 2016 Posted by Matt

Good DrivesHit good drives into the wind.  When you have a strong wind in your face on the tee, you can make some adjustments to improve your chances of hitting a good drive.  What you don’t want to do is swing harder, that will just get you in trouble.  What you do want to do is tee the ball a little bit lower than normal and choke down on your driver about an inch or two.  Stand a little closer to the ball and play the ball slightly back in your stance.  Make a three-quarter backswing and swing through the drive holding your finish at about shoulder height.  Your ball should be a straight line drive which will run a good distance when it hits the ground.  Watch the pros this weekend in the masters, the winds are expected to be high and you’ll get a chance to see this shot.  I suggest trying this out with your irons as well.