Golf Tip – Golf Shaft

October 8, 2015 Posted by Matt

golf shaftMaybe a new golf shaft will help you.  The shaft of the club is very important since it affects the type of ball flight that you will produce.  If you hit a slice, you should look into a shaft that has more torque.  Torque is the ability of a shaft to turn to square as it comes into impact.  Golfers who have high swing speed do not want the shaft to torque too much, as it will cause a hook.  But for the average golfer who slices, the added torque will close the face to square so that you will hit straighter shots.  Also, if your drives fly too low, look into a softer flex.  This will help the ball get higher into the air.  I recommend asking your pro for a club fitting.  He or she will be able to guide you through the process of matching your swing speed to the appropriate  golf shaft.