Golf Tip – Fix My Slice

November 9, 2015 Posted by Matt

sliceMany golfers who slice the ball, or hit it low and from left to right, simply give up on becoming better and play it as their natural shot.  Do not aim way to the left and then cut across the ball, hoping the ball will curve and stay on the fairway.  In practice, set up squarely and aim your feet, hips, and shoulders at the target.  Swing back so your shoulders and hips turn and bring the club to the inside of your target line.  From the top of your swing, feel as if you are a right-handed batter trying to hit a line drive over the second baseman’s head.  Swing in-to-out and you will produce a draw.  Gradually adjust your swing plane until you are hitting the ball with a  slight draw or straight to the target instead of that dreaded slice!