Golf Tip – Divot Hole

January 29, 2016 Posted by Matt

divot holeDo not worry if you hit a drive down the middle of the fairway and find yourself in a divot hole.  While it might seem like a bad break, the ball is definitely playable with a few small adjustments.  Play the ball back in your stance and lean the shaft forward so it points toward your belt buckle.  Hinge the club up steeply and then come down on the back of the ball with a good amount of force.  Let the club pass through after impact and hold your finish about waist high.  You might need to play the shot as if it were 5 to 10 yards longer and take a little more club.  The ball will fly low and you will have backspin that will allow it to stop on the green.  Practice your divot shots on the driving range, and you will find the shot is much easier than you originally thought.