Golf Tip – Choose Your Club Carefully

December 16, 2015 Posted by Matt

choose your club carefullyOn par three holes, choose your club carefully.  Many players simply look at the distance from the tee to the green when selecting their club for a shot.  However, there are several other factors you need to consider when selecting which club to hit.  Look for elevation.  Are you hitting uphill?  Any uphill green will require more distance which means you need to take more club.  Are you hitting a downhill shot? If so, you will need less club than what you would normally hit from that distance.

You also need to check which direction the wind is coming from.  If you are hitting into the wind you will need to take a longer club.  If the wind is behind you, you’ll need a shorter club.

Finally, look at the green and assess any trouble areas.  Is there water? What about bunkers?  If there are trouble areas right in front of the green take a little extra club.  You’d rather go past the pin and have a longer putt then end up short in a hazard or a bunker.  If the trouble is in the back of the green, take a little less club.  You’d rather be on the front of the green than over and in trouble.

If you consider all the factors above and choose your club carefully on par three holes, you will improve your scores.