Golf Tip – Ball Flight

June 10, 2016 Posted by Matt

ball flightTo improve the accuracy of your irons you should alter your ball flight on your approach shots.  During windy conditions, golfers who hit shots that fly high into the green will be at the mercy of the wind, especially from 150 yards and in when you are hitting an iron shot.  An alternative way to play these approach shots is to adjust your ball flight down.  For example, if you have a 130 yard shot to the hole and you would normally hit a nine iron, change your club to a seven iron.  Choke down on the club and play the ball a little bit back of center.  Make a three-quarter swing and hold your finish about waist high. The result will be a high line drive that will cut through the wind and stop quickly on the green.  Practice this shot on the range and then try it on the course.  During windy conditions you will hit more greens and lower your score.