Golf Tip – Ball Below your Feet

October 30, 2015 Posted by Matt

below your feetIf the ball is below your feet, concentrate on balance.  Hitting a ball that’s below your feet is one of the most difficult shots in the game.  Many players will miss this shot badly because they lose their balance during the swing by falling forward as the club comes down to the ball.  To help hit this shot properly, set your weight more toward your heels, and lower your rear end more than usual.  When you make your swing, keep your legs and feet as still as possible, and swing with your upper body only.  Grip the club toward the end of the handle.  The ball will start left and curve to the right, so allow for it by aiming well to the left.  Take a few practice swings first, to see if you remain in balance during the swing, and the step up and make the shot.