Golf Tip – Are You Too Steep?

April 1, 2016 Posted by Matt

too steepHow do you know if your golf swing is too steep?  If your drives pop up like a baseball and go high and then land short your swing is probably too steep.  The ball flight is caused by an over-the top move where the club head comes in on a steep angle and spins the ball up into the air.  In addition to the high ball flight, often times the ball will go left.  You want to make a shallow back and through swing which will allow you to drive the ball forward instead of spinning it into the air.  A good drill to help you eliminate those poor drives is to find a hill where the ball is above your feet.  Make several practice swings to get a sense of what a flatter swing feels like.  Then try to hit some golf balls on the driving range using the same swing.  If you can transition to a flatter golf swing you will create top spin on your ball and you will have a lower ball flight which will result in more distance on your drives!