Golf Tip – Alignment

November 19, 2015 Posted by Matt

alignmentAlignment of your shoulders, hips, knees and feet are critical for hitting good golf shots.  You need to make sure everything is going in the same direction.  A common error that many players are completely unaware of is setting up with different parts of the body misaligned to the target.  A usual mistake is to have the feet pointed in one direction while the shoulders are pointed left or right of where the feet are aimed.  The same can be said for the hips and knees; they might be out of alignment as well.  Find a full-length mirror and place a piece of tape or string that will run perpendicular from top to bottom.  Take your normal golf stance and check to see how your positions match up to the line.  On the range, ask a friend or your pro to stand behind you to check your aim as well.  You might be surprised at how far you are off in your alignment relative to your target.