What is an Equity Golf Community

What is an Equity Golf Community?

what is an equity golf communityAn equity golf community is one where the golf club requires an upfront initiation fee for a golf membership as well as annual membership dues. If the community includes homes, you will also have annual community fees in addition to your golf membership dues.

In the past, most of the clubs with an upfront initiation fee dedicated a portion of the membership fee to equity which means you have an ownership stake in the club. If at any point you drop your membership you would receive your “equity” back.

At this point, there are very few clubs still offering equity memberships. Clubs are now offering a non-equity membership which requires an  upfront initiation fee which is non-refundable.

What are the Advantages of a Non-Equity Golf Community?

Private Golf at an equity golf communityGolf communities offering non-equity or equity golf memberships typically have lower density. There will be approximately 200 to 300 golf members per 18 holes. With fewer members competing for the golf course, it is easier to get a tee time than a bundled golf community where the density is significantly higher.

If you plan to play golf 4 or 5 days a week a non-equity golf community will be a better fit. Currently, most of these clubs have multi-year waitlists. However, even if there is a waitlist there are options to bypass the waitlist in several of the communities. Contact us to learn how you can obtain an immediate golf membership.

Are There Other Types of Golf Communities?

The other type of golf community is a “bundled golf community“. A bundled golf community is a development where the golf membership is bundled or deeded to the property and your membership dues are combined with your annual community fees. There is no upfront initiation fee in a bundled golf community.What is a bundled golf community

One of the advantages of this type of community is if you purchase a property which includes a golf membership, you have immediate golf privileges.

However, one of the disadvantages is there are a lot of members vying for the golf course. There could be as many as 800 members per 18 holes of golf. As a result, it may be more difficult to get a tee time if you play frequently.

Do All Homes in a Bundled Golf Community Include a Golf Membership?

It depends on the community. There are several golf communities where every home includes a golf membership. However, it is important to note some bundled golf communities have a mix of properties with a golf membership and some properties which only include a social membership.

What type of Golf Community is Right for You?

naples luxury homes for saleThere are advantages and disadvantages to each type of membership and community. With more than 150 golf communities in the area it is a challenge to navigate all the various options for golf membership. That is where we come in. Our vast relationships with all the golf communities from Naples to Sarasota allow us to serve our clients by making the home-buying or selling process an easy and enjoyable one.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, once we know how often you play, other desired club amenities, property type and a price range we can help you narrow the list of clubs down to a handful that will potentially offer you the Florida golf lifestyle you are looking for.

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