Dave & Deborah Crain

“Dear Mr. Haynes (Broker),

My wife and I have spent much of this spring looking for a condo in the Naples area. We have worked with one of your realtors – Matt Klinowski – and I wanted to give you some feedback on his performance.

What struck me most about Matt is that he wouldn’t sell me a condo.

Let me explain. Early this year, after spending a month working with Matt to find a bundled condo, we made an unsuccessful offer on one in the Foxfire development. We then decided to make a second offer on one in Glen Eagle. It was in poor shape (as discovered by the inspector Matt had lined us up with) and needed several thousands in fix-up. Negotiating through Matt we tried to get the repairs covered by the owner but were not successful.

At that point I told Matt to heck with it, that since we were tired of looking at condos we would cover the repair costs ourselves and for Matt to go ahead and confirm out offer to the sellers without the repairs paid for by them.

Now, you need to understand that we had put Matt through a great deal getting to this point: lots of showings,lots of re-showings, lots of information demands on Naples, the golf courses available, etc.

So just when Matt had his buyer lined up with a property he was qualified for and had agreed to buy, he said. “Dave, I’ll do what you tell me to but I don’t think you should make that offer. There are better deals in Naples than this one.”

I did not make the offer but instead went back to Naples and put Matt to work some more. Three weeks later we had a contract on a significantly better condo in Naples Heritage at a great price. We closed and moved in last week.

Matt was supremely professional throughout our process. He was responsive, knowledgeable and listened to what we wanted. But when he put his certain commission at risk in order to serve our needs better, he really won us over.

He is a great credit to your organization.