Golf Tip – Chip Like you Putt

February 5, 2016 Posted by Matt

chip like you puttIf you are inconsistent with your chip shots, change your technique and chip like you putt.  Use an eight iron and grip the club like you would your putter.  Stand closer to the ball so  you are more upright in your stance.  This will allow the club to move straight back and forward through the swing.  Stroke the ball as you would a putt.  The heel of the club will be slightly off the ground.  With a light grip, smoothly take the club back and through the swing and allow the loft of the club get the ball into the air.  You should vary the club you are using based on the distance between you and the pin.  If there is more green to work with, use a longer club such as a seven or six iron.  If you chip like you putt you will become more consistent in your short game and know strokes off your score.