Bonita Real Estate Sales

Ft. Myers, Estero and Bonita Real Estate Sales

May 27th through June 3rd 2017

Bonita Real Estate Sales

Overall, there were 161 Estero, Fort Myers and Bonita Real Estate Sales during the week of May 27th through June 3rd.  Bonita Springs and Ft. Myers tied in the number of sales at 65 properties sold in each city. Further, of the 65 Bonita Springs properties sold, 46 percent of them were condos. In addition, in Fort Myers, there were also 65 sales, 46 percent of which were single family homes.

In summary, 61 single family homes, 55 condos, 37 vacant lots, 4 mobile homes, 2 multi-family lots, 1 commercial lot and 1 commercial unit sold during the week.


Estero, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs Real Estate Transactions by zip code

Bonita Springs

  • 34134 – 29 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 3 single family homes and 24 condos)
  • 34135 – 36 properties sold (1 multi-family unit, 2 mobile homes, 18 single family homes, 6 condos and 9 vacant lots)

Fort Myers

  • 33912 – 14 properties sold (7 single family homes and 7 condos )
  • 33913 – 36 properties sold (1 commercial unit, 1 commercial lot, 19 vacant lots, 10 single family homes and 5 condos)
  • 33967 – 15 properties sold (1 multi-family lot, 1 vacant lot and 13 single family homes)

Miromar Lakes

  • 33913 – 1 properties sold (1 vacant lot)


  • 33928 – 20 properties sold (3 vacant lots, 2 mobile homes, 8 single family homes and 7 condos)
  • 34134 – 2 properties sold (2 condos)
  • 34135 – 7 properties sold (2 vacant lots, 2 single family homes and 3 condos)
  • 33967 – 1 property sold (1 condo)

South Lee County Real Estate Transactions May 27th – June 3rd 2017

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Finally, if you are buying a home in a golf community, you will find it is more complex than a normal home purchase.  As you can probably imagine, there is a significant difference between golf courses.  Also, there are hidden fees, different membership fees, pet restrictions and very different demographics in each community.

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