Avoid Three Putt Greens

November 3, 2015 Posted by Matt

Most three putt greens are caused by missing a three- or four-foot putt for par.  The main reason these putts are missed is the player moves his head or eyes during the putt, which causes the putter face to open or close.  To correct this problem, think heads or tails.  Place a coin on the putting green three feet from the hole when you practice, and do not look at what face is up.  Place a ball on top of the coin.  Strike the putt and then look to see if the coin is heads or tails.  Listen for the ball to drop into the hole.  On the golf course, keep your head and eyes still, and do not look up until you hear the ball drop into the cup.  The steady head will help you make many more short putts and stop those dreaded three putt greens.

three putt