New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers

Another year is coming to a close and it’s time to think about setting New Year’s Resolutions.  So this year, I recommend making yourself some GOLF resolutions. Well, they’re not really New Year’s Resolutions…  I’m going with “casual promises to myself of which I’m under no legal obligation to fulfill”.

New Years Resolutions for Golfers

Below are my top 10 golf resolutions:

  1. Set realistic goals, I have to accept the fact that winning a green jacket is not in my future.
  2. Wait until the 2nd hole to start drinking (this of course depends on and is directly related to how I got off the first two tees).
  3. Stop hitting my golf balls into hazards.  This also includes not hitting EVERY BUNKER on the course.
  4. Stop procrastinating with my short game practice, next Thursday looks promising…
  5. Exercise more, I vow to play 6 days a week instead of 4!
  6. Keep the ball in the short grass.  Specifically the course’s grass, not the neighbor’s.
  7. Score better than my age, I just hope I live until 117.
  8. Get a hole-in-one.  I already have the plaque in my office…
  9. Convince myself that riding in the cart is just as fun as driving the cart.
  10. My biggest New Year Resolution, have fun and enjoy!  Naples FL being the golf capital of the world is perfect to put this last one to the test!!!

Happy Golfing and Happy New Year!

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